Your enterprise generates a lot of data. To fully capitalize on the intrinsic value of that data requires Big Data technology that enables deeper insights into the data that drives business growth.

Big Data

Plasma’s C2M® Big Data will provide you with powerful technology that enables the development of deep, real-time, insights from the huge volumes of data generated throughout your enterprise. Our C2M® Big Data technology is the engine that drives your ability to utilize your volumes of data to drive dynamic capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Big Data – Looking Beyond Horizons

Big data is a field that deals with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software. Systematic extraction of information from these large data sets can be difficult when using legacy data-processing applications.
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Plasma’s Big Data Technology

Our C2M® Big Data technology is the engine that will drive your ability to fully capitalize on the power that is contained within your data. Data that, when efficiently mined, absorbed, and shared, can provide you with significant competitive advantages all across your enterprise. Our C2M® Big Data technology is a vital component within many of our solutions, including:


Periodic small samplings of customer data is not enough to provide the level of insights needed to understand, and predict, customer needs and behaviors. Those deep insights require the ability to maintain constant, real-time, contact with large volumes of data from a wide range of data sources. Our C2M® Big Data technology provides that power across all of our individual Customer Engagement Solutions.

– Quote to Cash
– Sales Pipeline Management
– Sales Analytics
Next-Gen AI Training Models
Vendor Management

The most effective Vendor Management Programs are those that are more proactive than reactive. That proactivity can only be realized through the utilization of Big Data and the predictive analytics that can be gleaned from that data. Plasma’s CRM® Big Data is the engine that drives the following Plasma Vendor Management Solutions.

– Performance Analytics
– Dashboarding and Reporting
– Qualification and Onboarding
Field Service Management

Data is the lifeblood of companies within the Field Service Management industry. That data is generated from a wide range of sources (IoT devices, mobile devices, on-premise applications, etc.). Competitive advantage comes from the ability to efficiently consume Big Data and then make rapid decisions based on real-time insights.. That requires a powerful Big Data engine. Plasma’s C2M ® Big Data is that engine; an engine that drives:

– Executive and Operational Dashboards
– Data Analytics
– Asset Performance Management
– Enterprise Asset Management

Implementation, Hosting, and Support (Managed Services)

Any software application is only as good as the quality of its implementation and of the ongoing support services. Plasma has a 15 year track record of providing high-end implementation, hosting, and support services for a wide range of enterprise-level deployments.

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“To provide the desired user value and experience the software solution would need to include comprehensive analytics, dashboarding, and reporting capabilities.”
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