Real-time tracking and management of project resources to improve project delivery performance while controlling resource cost.

Resource Allocation & Tracking

A custom solution that provides constant visibility on how your project resources are being consumed. Use this information to take preventative action to avoid project bottlenecks resulting from resource constraints. Enables maximum utilization of your resources and drives successful project completion.

Personal & Professional Change Management System

The new system gives practitioners the flexibility and customization capability that allows them to stay far ahead of the trends in the coaching/management arena and provide the visual feedback that their clients were demanding.
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Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

As a project moves along its various stages of execution its resource requirements will ebb and flow. Most legacy or homegrown project management tools do not provide the ability to monitor real-time project conditions. This lack of dynamic information inhibits the ability to make timely resource allocation decisions. Typical issues can include:

  • Resource allocation information that is not integrated with other elements of a project management system.
  • Inefficient, manual, mechanisms for tracking project resource allocations vs actual consumption.
  • Lack of ability to establish automated, data-driven, triggers to help manage resource allocation and utilization.
  • Use of static tools and systems that are unable to quickly provide dynamic updates to project management routines.
  • Mismanagement of resources, out-of-scope project costs, and poor project delivery performance due to all of the above.

“The Plasma IT Infrastructure Management solution is powering the client’s ability to provide best-in-class service to it’s clients while also improving internal operational efficiencies and reducing overall IT costs.”
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Plasma Solution Benefits:

A digital Resource Allocation and Tracking Solution that will eliminate the use of spreadsheets and other inefficient, disconnected, legacy tools and systems.

Ability to aggregate and visualize individual project time-reporting information from any data source (smart devices, time-entry tools, etc.). Provides Project Managers with an at-a-glance view of project resource status.

Easily create custom calendars and reports that provide individual Project Managers with real-time insights into project resource utilization. Use those insights to make allocation decisions that maximize project performance.

A Resource Allocation and Tracking Solution that can be fully integrated with other components of a larger Project Management ecosystem.

Award-winning MicroAI™ Atom SDK

Implementation, Hosting, and Support (Managed Services)

Any software application is only as good as the quality of its implementation and of the ongoing support services. Plasma has a 15 year track record of providing high-end implementation, hosting, and support services for a wide range of enterprise-level deployments.

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