A digital SSM Solution built to specifically address operational inefficiencies that create higher costs and poor customer satisfaction.

Sales and Service Management (SSM)

In collaboration with industry experts Plasma has developed a digital SSM Solution that delivers impactful change throughout all functions within a typical Field Service Management enterprise. Impacts that include: revenue growth, cost reduction, deployment efficiency, data availability, and data security.

Sales Life Cycle Management: Improving Existing Sales

It has been observed that highly successful marketing campaigns are the ones that adopt a proactive and personalized approach in reaching out to their customers. Cookie cutter sales pitches are fast being ditched in favor of marketing messages that are in sync with the product and service needs of the customers.
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Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

The lack of a customized, integrated, feature-rich CRM solution can cripple an enterprise’s ability to fully capitalize on its opportunities as well as its ability to maximize utilization of it resources. Common problems include:

  • Dispatchers have operational blind spots that result in slow reaction to issues and degraded service delivery.
  • Use of manual processes and legacy applications that are inefficient and error-prone.
  • Technicians arrive at jobs ill-equipped, uninformed, and unable to deliver quality service.
  • Sales and Service personnel that cannot interact efficiently due to use of disparate tools and systems that are siloed and non-automated.
  • Inability to provide customers with real-time updates on job status, tech arrivals, etc. leads to poor customer satisfaction and loss of future business.

“The Plasma IT Infrastructure Management solution is powering the client’s ability to provide best-in-class service to it’s clients while also improving internal operational efficiencies and reducing overall IT costs.”
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Plasma Solution Benefits:

Automation of front and back-office processes such as: order entry, work order creation, technician assignment, customer updates, work order closure, and invoicing.

Provides real-time visibility and interaction between sales and service staffs. Promotes quick and accurate interaction between those assigning the work and those doing the work.

Ability to provide customers with real-time updates on tech arrival, service progress, and final resolution. Customers are also able to quickly ask questions and provide real-time feedback.

Executive-level dashboards and reports that can be consumed in a single pane of glass, giving executives a view of performance against high-level KPI’s. Take actions when those actions will have the most impact.

Deployment of Plasma’s SSM Solution has provided clients with tangible results including: reduction in redundant tasks, quicker response times, higher first-time fix rates, increased employee output, higher customer satisfaction, and higher customer loyalty.

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