Capitalize on the inherent advantages of cloud-based applications and architectures while avoiding risks and business disruptions.

Cloud Migration

Plasma’s state-of-the-art Cloud Migration Services will enable your enterprise to fully capitalize on the inherent advantages of cloud-based applications and architectures. Our Migration Services, supported by our post-migration Managed Services, will completely transform your ability to: access your applications from anywhere at any time, improve operational performance, and reduce IT costs.

Understanding Cloud Services APIs

As cloud computing continues to gather more momentum, developers and system administrators are discovering newer ways to integrate their existing technology infrastructure and platforms with the cloud. In the quest to enhance the overall cloud experience, cloud services APIs have enabled developers to seamlessly work with cross-cloud platforms as well as maintain compatibility with other resources.
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Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

Enterprises that have not fully capitalized on cloud-based architectures such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) often experience a loss of competitive edge as well as an inability to manage IT costs at levels that do not cripple bottom-line results. Common problems experienced by enterprises tied to non cloud-based applications:

  • Continued reliance on legacy on-premise infrastructures that impede an enterprise’s ability to efficiently expand its geographical reach.
  • Inability to quickly allocate resources necessary to capitalize on new product launches, marketing activities, sales promotions, etc.
  • Applications that cannot be accessed from anywhere, at anytime, leads to operational inefficiencies and lost business opportunities.
  • Heavy IT costs associated with maintenance of servers and other hardware.
  • Lack of ability to develop new applications without having to invest in costly infrastructure.
  • Poor ability to quickly scale applications to respond to changing business conditions.

“The Plasma IT Infrastructure Management solution is powering the client’s ability to provide best-in-class service to it’s clients while also improving internal operational efficiencies and reducing overall IT costs.”
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Plasma Service Benefits:

Plasma utilizes a proven Cloud Migration methodology that will deliver maximum efficiency while minimizing business risks. The pillars of our methodology include:


Your enterprise is unique. A cookie-cutter migration process will not fully address your unique requirements. Plasma delivers an enterprise-grade Migration Discovery Process in which your current applications assets, business requirements, migration objectives, risk assessments, etc. will be identified and documented.

Migration Plan Development and Execution:

A detailed Migration Plan will be developed that will capture all activities, responsibilities, and milestones required to ensure a successful migration. Execution of your Migration Plan will be tightly managed by Plasma’s assigned Migration Managers, and Cloud Technologists.

Ongoing Support:

Plasma will provide post-migration support in the form of Managed Services that will be tailored to your specific needs. Hosting, application support, continued migration expansion and other support activities will be managed by Plasma’s Managed Services Support Team.

Plasma’s Cloud Migration Service ensures that a 360° view of all of your applications and their interdependencies are clearly understood prior to the start of any migration activity. This helps minimize risk and eliminates the uncertainty than can be associated with cloud migration.

Award-winning MicroAI™ Atom SDK

Implementation, Hosting, and Support (Managed Services)

Any software application is only as good as the quality of its implementation and of the ongoing support services. Plasma has a 15 year track record of providing high-end implementation, hosting, and support services for a wide range of enterprise-level deployments.

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