An IoT and Data-Analytics ecosystem that enables Fleet Operators to maximize performance of fleet personnel as well as improve ROI from capital investments in fleet vehicles. Increase market share through superior performance.

Fleet Management

Maximize Performance of Fleet Assets and Personnel

Fleet Management companies face an increasing set of competitive and regulatory challenges that require solutions that are smart, interconnected, mobile, flexible, and always available. Companies that fail to innovate will struggle to compete within an industry that is becoming increasingly technology-enabled.

Plasma delivers technology-fueled solutions and services that drive operational excellence, competitive advantage, and maximized ROI. Solutions and services that deliver: regulatory compliance, navigation and routing, vehicle management, data analytics, mobile apps, and more.

Benefits of IoT in Fleet Management

Internet of Things is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and we are moving towards a truly connected world. Ericsson predicts that by 2020, human population will grow to 7.6 billion, with 50 billion devices connected to the Internet.
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Featured Solutions and Services for Fleet Management

Field Service Management

A comprehensive solution that provides fleet operators with cloud-based applications that enable real-time management of fleet assets and the ability to maximize fleet performance while controlling costs.
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Data Analytics

IoT-enabled data analytics and reporting tools, empowered by Big Data and AI technologies, that provide the intelligence needed to track assets, manage performance, and maintain visibility on critical KPI’s.
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Integration Services

Plasma’s Integration Services includes the development of custom API’s that enable seamless integration of legacy on-premise applications with cloud-based services that will provide additional scale and functionality.
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Next-Gen AI Training Models
Cloud Migration Services

Cloud services that enable fleet operators to: access critical applications from anywhere at any time, improve operational performance, monitor regulatory compliance, and reduce IT costs.
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Managed Services

Technology and process-enabled Managed Services that allow the fleet management enterprise to fully capitalize on its investments in systems and applications.
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“The Plasma IT Infrastructure Management solution is powering the client’s ability to provide best-in-class service to it’s clients while also improving internal operational efficiencies and reducing overall IT costs.”
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