Take a look at how Plasma Digital Solutions reduced a client’s working capital burden by tens of millions of dollars.

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Build Customer Satisfaction and Drive Revenue Growth

Customer SatisfactionA customized CRM solution to maximize client engagement, drive revenue growth, and create market leadership for the organization.
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Improve Financial Efficiencies and Bottom-Line Results

Financial EfficienciesBetter manage the financial heartbeat of your enterprise with a customized Quote-to-Cash solution that delivers business process innovations.
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Gain Deeper Insights into Critical Sales Data

Deeper InsightsUse real-time Sales Analytics to obtain a 360° view of all sales data and make impactful business decisions across your entire pipeline.
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Improve Customer Experience and Build Loyalty

Customer ExperienceBuild brand loyalty by providing your customers with a digital experience that is dynamic, engaging, seamless, and productive.
Digital Experience

Enhanced Control of Vendor Selection and Management

Control of Vendor ManagementA fully integrated VM Solution that provides a seamless and automated approach to vendor qualification, onboarding, and management.
Vendor Management

Put Your Enterprise's Data to Work for You

Your Enterprise's DataEliminate silos of data via a comprehensive Data Analytics Solution that consolidates real-time data into customized dashboards and reports.
Data Analytics

Use a Powerful CRM Engine

Avoid the Average “Cookie-Cutter” CRM Approach.
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Among Our Trusted Clients
Cricket Wireless
Commonwealth Bank Australia
Hewlett Packard

Services to Match Your Enterprise Needs

Digital Experience
Digital Experience

Plasma has provided Digital Experience services for a host of mid to large enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries, including: Telecom, Retail, Financial, Insurance, Field Service, and Automotive. Our services have powered the complete transformation of the digital experience being offered by our clients.

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Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration

Take your enterprise to the next level of performance with Plasma’s Cloud Migration Services. Our migration services, supported by our post-migration Managed Services, will completely transform your ability to: access your applications from anywhere at any time, improve operational performance, and manage IT costs.

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Implementation Services
Implementation Services

Plasma’s Implementation Service protocol includes: a consultative approach to requirements gathering, a time-tested implementation methodology, and reliable post implementation support. State-of-the art implementation services for your enterprise applications.

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Managed Services
Managed Services

Any customized software application is only as good as the quality of its implementation and of the ongoing support services. Plasma has a 15 year track record of providing high-end deployment, hosting, and support services for a wide range of enterprise-level deployments.

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Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Your enterprise produces a prodigious amount of data. Plasma provides a range of Data Analytics Services that will enable you to maximize the intrinsic value of that data. Data aggregation, analysis, visualization, and reporting puts the power of your data in your hands.

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View All Services
View All Services

Technology-fueled Services that deliver transformative advantages for the enterprise. Services that enable the client to maximize performance of current IT assets as well as to integrate with new cloud-based services.

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A customized CRM solution to maximize client engagement, drive revenue growth, and create market leadership.


Better manage the financial heartbeat of your enterprise with a customized solution for business process innovations.

Oil and Gas

Incorporate the right predictive analytics to enable asset productivity and functionality with little to minimized risks.


Garner the years of experience that Plasma has spent on understanding, designing, and implementing customized solutions for the telecom

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