IoT-enabled systems that combine sensing, analysis, communication, and action to create a complete ecosystem that is smart and adaptive.

Smart Systems

Take Smart Actions, Based On Smart Decisions, Fueled by Smart Systems

The level of business insight that is now attainable via the adoption of Smart Systems can fundamentally change how a business operates. Operational efficiencies can be dramatically improved via the connection and integration of various systems and applications that exist within a business enterprise.

Plasma offers a rich suite of solutions and technologies that are utilized to create Smart System ecosystems. Plasma’s C2M ® IoT platform provides easy connectivity between multiple data sources (databases, IT systems, connected devices/sensors, etc.). This connectivity and integration enables the accumulation and presentation of data that leads to proactive decisions and actions.

Featured Products, Solutions and Services for Smart Systems

Customer Engagement

Plasma provides a holistic Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that is tailored to the specific needs of your Enterprise. Maximize Customer Engagement by making the right business decisions, at the right time, based on real-time data and insights..
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Legal Doc Management

A integratable solution that mitigates compliance risks by providing automation and control of routines within a legal document management process (creation, routing, approval, revision control, storage….).
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Integration Services

Integration Services that will improve the performance, and viability, of legacy banking and finance systems and applications through delivery of API’s that will connect those assets to other cloud-based services.
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Cloud Migration

Plasma’s Cloud Migration services allow the financial enterprise to leverage the inherent advantages of cloud-based applications and architectures that enable real-time interactions with critical data from anywhere, at any time.
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Big Data

Plasma’s C2M® Big Data technology provides banking and finance enterprises with the capability to develop deep, real-time, insights from the huge volumes of data generated throughout their crypto-commerce ecosystems.
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“Armed with its new DLT capabilities the client has been able to introduce new business capabilities…including: the ability to transfer funds at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional banking and full automation of handling of cross-currency transactions that promotes client confidence.”
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